Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Student Training Program

Effective Communication
Presentation Skils
Interview Skills
Leadership Skills
Interview Skills
Business English
Business Etiquette
Workplace Skills
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Companies which fail are those that view training as a cost rather than an investment. Our research has shown that training reduces attrition, increases productivity and actually

Over 50% of companies have stated a lack of English and communication skills training affected their expansion plans.


Ability to plan: Entrepreneurs must be able to develop business plans to meet goals in a variety of areas, including finance, marketing, production, sales and personnel.
Communication skills: Entrepreneurs should be able to explain, discuss, sell and market their goods or services.
Marketing skills: Good marketing skills, which result in people wanting to buy goods or services, are critical to entrepreneurial success.
Interpersonal skills: The ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with customers and clients, employees, financial lenders, investors, lawyers and accountants, among others, is crucial to the success of the entrepreneur’s business venture.
Basic management skills: Even if entrepreneurs hire others to deal with the day-to-day tasks of the business, entrepreneurs need to know whether their company has the correct resources.
Leadership skills: The ability to develop a vision for the company and to inspire employees to pursue it is imperative for success.