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ECE Online Course

ECE Online Course

Welcome to Sparks Academy, Chennai. Are you an Electronics and Communication Engineer? We are providing ECE Online Course for you. 

Our top notch faculty have designed this high quality online course ECE students It doesn't matter even if you had schooling in Tamil medium. Our course videos are made easy to understand.

Join our course and let us help you succeed.

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Course Highlights

  • Affordable fee

  • Experienced Faculty

  • Target Oriented Coaching

  • Unlimited 24*7 Streaming

  • 1 Year Validity

Price ₹



For details:

Course Videos

Basic Electronics

Control Systems

  1. Polar and Nquist Plot

  2. Principle and Feedback

  3. Block Diagram

  4. Signal Flow

  5. Time Response Analysis

  6. Stability Analysis

  7. Root Locus

Basic Engineering and Science

  1. Mechanics

  2. Physics

  3. Thermodynamics

  4. Materials

  5. Fluid Mechanics

  6. Computers

  7. Electrical

Digital Electronics

Digital Signal Processing

Circuit Theory

  1. 10 Parts

  2. Problems

Engineering Mathematics

  1. Transforms

  2. Linear Algebra

  3. Probability

  4. Vector Calculus

  5. Differential Calculus

  6. Integral Calculus

  7. Differential Equations

  8. Numerical Methods

  9. Complex Functions

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