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Are you a SSC JE EEE aspirant? Welcome to Sparks Academy. We are providing online course for SSC JE EEE exam.

Our expert faculty have developed this SSC JE EEE course to explain Electrical Engineering concepts from fundamentals through advanced level. We have made sure that you would understand everything easier even if you are from a Tamil Medium background.

We have included free Test Series with this course. The MCQs in the test series will help you prepare for your SSC JE EEE exam even better.

Our occasional doubt clearing sessions in Youtube will make you clarify your doubts regarding SSC JE EEE exam.

Ready to prepare SSC JE EEE exam? Join us now.

Actual Fee: 10000/-


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Course Highlights

  • Includes Test series (50+)

  • Affordable fee

  • Experienced Faculty

  • Target Oriented Coaching

  • Unlimited 24*7 Streaming

  • 1 Year Validity

Price ₹



For details:

Course Videos

Indian History

  1. Swadeshi Movement

  2. Home Rule League

  3. Coming of Gandhi

  4. Rowlatt Act

  5. Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement

  6. Civil DisObedience Movement

  7. Subash Chandra Bose

  8. Governor Generals

  9. Land Revenue Policies

Indian Economy (English)

  1. National Income

  2. Sectors of the Economy

  3. Production Factors

  4. Market

  5. Public Finance

  6. Agriculture

  7. Banking

  8. GST

  9. Inflation

  10. Curves and Indices

  11. Capital Market

  12. Demand and Supply

AC Fundamentals

Measurements and Measuring Instruments

General Intelligence and Reasoning

  1. Analogies

  2. Number and Alphabetical Series

  3. Word Formation

  4. Data Interpretation

  5. Syllogism

  6. Blood Relation

  7. Cubes & Dice

  8. Trends

  9. Directions

  10. etc....

Indian National Movement


  1. Geography

  2. India

Quantitative Aptitude

Synchronous Machines

Costs and Estimation

Aptitude - Mathematics

  1. Number Systems

  2. Ratio and Proportion

  3. Simple and Compound Interest

  4. Trigonometry

  5. Time and Distance

  6. Time and Work

  7. Data Interpretation

Indian Polity (English)

  1. Preamble

  2. Making of Indian Constitution

  3. Schedules and Parts

  4. Union and Territory

  5. Citizenship

  6. Fundamental Rights

  7. Parliament

  8. President

  9. Governor

  10. Supreme and High Court

General Science

  1. Chemistry

  2. Physics

  3. Biology

Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Electrical Machines

Basic Electronics

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